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Wilson Extension Master Gardeners

At Wilson Botanical Gardens, we are dedicated to educating and leading competent, and dedicated Extension Master Gardeners.  These volunteers provide the necessary maintenance of our beautiful gardens.












Extension Master Gardeners provide a monthly Garden Talk open to all who are interested.  These Garden Talks are given each month on the third Monday of the month.  Some of the past presentations included:

          Prunning techniques for Crape Myrtle trees

          Growing your own mushrooms

          Using flowers as a food source

          Yoga for gardeners

          Thrillers, Spillers, and Fillers

          Creating your own "green" wreath" 

These are just a few of the presentations given by community experts which may also include one of our own Extension Master Gardeners




Our Master Gardeners skillfully provide the annual plant sale that has become one of our most successful fund raisers.  Ready for purchase are locally grown vegetables, fruits, flowers, trees, shrubs and landscape plants.  The 2024 plant sale will be held on Saturday, April 13 from 9:00 am to noon.  Want first choice of plants, head on over to our membership page.  A small donation of just $30.00 will gain a 8:30 am entrance into the sale. 



Interested in becoming a master gardener?  A new class of Extension Master Gardeners (EMGs) recently completed their classes in 2023.  Find out how you can apply for the next class.


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