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More of our gardens

The Fence and Bird Gardens

The Fence and Bird Garden was originally planted along Goldsboro Street by Wilson 4H children. When the road was wided Extension Master Gardeners moved the plants to this location. Plants in this area either are habitat or food plants for our native birds. The nearby split rail fence is home to many vines that grow in our local area. Also see a vast selection of trees and shrubs that thrive here.

fance 2.jpg

The Education Complex and Container Garden

Seasonal containers are planted here at the Educational Area.  With benches and a bubbling water feature, it is a great place to relax.


Compost and Demonstration Area

The three bin composting method is demonstrated behind the greenhouse.  Bins are labeled "Dump"-meaning for gardeners to put garden and kitchen waste in this bin.  "Doing" is compost working to break down.  Fresh and dry materials are layered in this bin to increase microbial activity.  "Dig" is black gold, finished compost, that gardeners use throughout the Wilson Botanical Gardens.


The ShowStopper Garden

The ShowStoppers Garden features plants that have been selected by the North Carolina Landscape and Nursery Association and Extension Agents. 


Sadie Minshew Greenhouse

The Greenhouse is used to grow plants for testing, sale and use in the Wilson Botanical Gardens


The Children's Secret Garden

This is a garden that focuses on experiences for young children and the young at heart. Different garden areas, plants, hardscape and water features provide an opportunity to integrate play with a respect and appreciation for things that grow.

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