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Relax and stroll through our gardens

Mixed Planting Garden

Mixed Planting Garden was installed for the primary purpose of training landscapers and nurserymen for the Certified Plant Professional exam. Of the 300 plants on the exam, 125 are included in this garden. Another 75 plants not on the list are also included, making this small area home to over 200 plant species. This garden is also used by homeowners wanting to see plants to use in their landscapes. This garden is also referred to sometimes as the Display Garden. 


The Arboretum

The Arboretum is planted with different types of trees and shrubs. Plants in this area include natives and non-natives. These trees represent different cultivars routinely seen in the landscape plantings here in the Wilson area.


The Daylily Garden

Several varieties of daylilies are displayed in this small space.  There is an incredible variety of these easy-to-grow dynamic plants. This garden showcases how these plants can be used in modern landscapes to provide color, texture, and movement.


The Medicinal and Culinary Garde

Herbs have been used for centuries for their medicinal qualities, as well as their use in food preparation, fragrances, and warding off evil. The Medicinal area of this garden focuses on herbs that have their roots in healing. The Culinary area emphasizes more common herbs for everyday use in cooking. This garden is also home to a signed Vollis Simpson Whirligig and a large, tiered fountain.

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The Native Plants Garden

Flanking the entrance to the Wilson Agricultural Center building, this garden is planted predominately in native plants.  This area highlights native plants that thrive in our hot, dry climate.  The Native Plants Garden underwent extensive renovation in 2016.

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The Hosta Garden

With many different sizes, leaf shapes, colors, patterns flower colors, a hosta can be found for any shady garden.  Come see a large variety of unique hostas and cool temperatures in the shade of a huge red maple.

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