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                                                                    RULES AND RENTAL FEES

  1. The base fee to rent a Garden is $200 per 4 (four) hour rental.

    • A $75 security deposit is required to reserve the date.​

    • Photography rights and use of Garden for photos during rental period are included.​

  2. The Garden WILL NOT provide any furnishing or accessories including but not limited to tables and chairs.  All furnishings must be delivered and removed from the Garden within the rental day.​

  3. Setup and removal must be completed during the rental day.  This includes removal of all items brought in by the renter and their guests, including trash.

  4. No materials (such as but not limited to: silly string, confetti, rice, artificial flower petals, balloons, birdseed, etc.) are allowed on the premises.  We suggest bubbles (Cleanup is the Responsible Part's responsibility).  Please note that bouncy houses, water slides and like toys/entertainment are not allowed on the remises due to liability issues.

  5. This signed contract and $75 security deposit check must be submitted to secure your reservation. To confirm reservation $200 is due 30 prior to the event.  Cancellations less than 30 days prior to the event date will result in the security deposit fee forfeiture.

  6. There will be access to rest rooms.  

  7. Alcohol policy:  Wilson County does not allow alcohol at events.

  8. We provide electricity at your request.  Please let us know how many outlets you will need.

  9. We are not responsible for acts of nature.

  10. The undersigned Responsible Party hereby waives any claims of any kind against Wilson County and all of its departments, agencies and employees and shall indemnify and hold Wilson County harmless from any and all claims of any kind and by any person or entity arising from the event or activities conducted under this agreement.  Insurance shall be the responsibility of the Responsible Party.

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